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Ultra Clear White

iTints Electric Smart Film

Explore the pinnacle of clarity with the Ultra Clear White Series by MIA Smart Film Solutions. Specially designed for environments that celebrate openness and brightness, such as luxury retail environments, art galleries, and minimalist living spaces, this series offers an impeccable transition from transparency to privacy. The Ultra Clear White ensures that your spaces remain luminous and vibrant, enhancing natural light without the heat. It's the ultimate choice for those who wish to merge seamless design with functionality, providing a clear view or privacy with just a simple command

Light Gray

iTints Electric Smart Film

Introducing the Light Gray Series from MIA Smart Film Solutions – a harmonious blend of light and privacy. These Smart Film Digital Blinds are a match for spaces that seek a softer touch without compromising on sophistication. Ideal for sunrooms, open-plan offices, and hospital rooms, the light gray tint ensures natural light is beautifully diffused, providing a calm and inviting atmosphere. With UV protection and smart integration, enjoy a space that’s both protected and connected. Perfect for areas that benefit from softened natural light while maintaining privacy.

Dark Gray

iTints Electric Smart Film

Elevate your space with the sophisticated Dark Gray Series from MIA Smart Film Solutions. Ideal for creating a bold statement, these Smart Film Digital Blinds are perfect for cinematic home theaters, modern office spaces, and any area where reducing glare and enhancing privacy is a priority. The deep gray hue not only adds an element of luxury but also significantly improves energy efficiency and UV protection. Tailor-made for spaces that demand both function and style, it's the choice for those who want to combine privacy with a strong design aesthetic.